Samuel T. Reddy has been researching and studying the art of career transition since his early 20s. Born in Mauritius, he left at the earliest opportunity to visit Africa and Asia. After a career in the British Military, he published his best-selling book, ‘Leavers to Leaders’. As a Commonwealth, he then went on to further his research to understand why many Commonwealths fail and struggle to integrate communities.

Professor Martin Levermore, a child of the Windrush generation, is the CEO of Medical Devices Technology International, a PIONEER team member (the health data hub for acute care), and a serial entrepreneur.

He served in the army and has a degree in Political Economy. In addition to chairing the Birmingham Commonwealth Association Trade and Business group, he is Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association, the largest BAME housing association in the Midlands.

Together, they are on a mission to reinvent the Commonwealth Experience for the 1000s of citizens who are serving in the British Armed Forces and those who are still serving.